About us

How we help you sell


All of our resources are dedicated towards promoting waterfront properties exclusively. Our targeted marketing campaigns ensure maximal visibility where waterfront buyers are looking. In addition to having a diverse online strategy, we believe that print marketing is an essential element to any marketing plan. Your property is seen in numerous periodicals both locally and in surrounding areas. Our marketing platforms extend worldwide catering to a large base of international buyers who consider Canada to be a safe, long term real estate investment. 

Since waterfront properties are unique to all others, we design custom marketing materials that are personalized to your property. 

The most serious buyers are those that are passionate about everything "waterfront living". Boating, fishing, and an array of other "enthusiast oriented" marketing resources offer extended opportunities for showcasing your property. We maximize all possibilities when it comes to getting your property seen and sold!

Our core values


We value open and honest communication and provide such to all our clients. When we say we will do something we do it. Delivering on a promise is fundamental to who we are and what we represent. Communication is key to ensuring that we understand your real estate objectives so we may always represent your best interests. You will be kept informed of all activity relating to the sale of your property and we always respond to phone calls and emails in a prompt, professional manner. Representing you in the sale of your property is a great honor to us. We owe it to you to ensure that the entire selling process is a smooth and enjoyable one. 

Founder and Agency Director


Since as long as he can remember, Jeremy Levitt has been calling the Laurentians "home". The endless forests, stunning mountains and plethora of exquisite lakes and rivers distinguish this region from all others. The family chalet was always the source of Jeremy's warmest memories. Naturally, he decided to establish his personal residence and professional expertise here in the Laurentians. With over 12 years of experience in waterfront sales and development, Jeremy is honored to share his passion for this region with others. He approaches life with an unparalleled motivation to help others realize their dreams and experience how amazing life in the Laurentians can truly be.